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The organisation that promoted sports, gymnastics and healthy lifestyle was ‘Sokół’ (in English ‘Falcon’) Gymnastics Association. ‘Sokół’ operated already in the period of the partitions of Poland, after regaining independence, and throughout the interwar period.

The building of ‘Sokół’ in Jarosław was erected in the beginning of the 20th century, in accordance with the project of a prominent Krakow architect, Teodor Talowski who was emotionally attached to Lviv. And especially those two cities – Krakow and Lviv – owe him many impressive buildings, but Talowski worked also in former Galicia. The work of Talowski can be defined as eclectic, there are also influences from the Art Nouveau and historicism.

Jarosław ‘Sokół’ housed a cinema-theater hall with balconies and a gallery in the rear part, rooms for activities and meetings on the first floor as well as an open terrace for gymnastic exercises (now walled up). From the north side the top of the façade is surmounted by a sculpture of a winged young man - a personification of the sport, while from the west by a sculpture of a falcon. The building façades were decorated with reliefs showing: the coat of arms of Jarosław supported by two griffins, the coat of arms ‘Pogoń’ (in English ‘Chase’) - the old coat of arms of Lithuania, and eagle with the crown on the background of the wreath of bay leaves.  Creating a building, the elements of brick and stone were combined interestingly. After World War II, the building was the headquarters of the Jarosław District Cultural Centre, ‘Gdynia’ cinema, whereas currently the Municipal Culture Centre operates there.

Currently, the building houses the Municipal Centre of Culture, the most important self-government culture-forming institution in the town and district. It is involved in various activities in the dissemination of fine arts, theatre, music, cultivating interests and the development of talents, especially among children and young people. It stimulates and supports the cultural activeness within its area of activity. It organises and co-organises a number of occasional and cyclical events of local, regional, national and international scope with the participation of amateurs and professional artists. The Centre also offers leisure and entertainment events to the local community.

All information about the Centre and its events can be found on the website:

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