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Emperor Franz Joseph, in his dissolutions of 1782, included also the order of the Benedictine virgin nuns in Jarosław. Therefore, their Office was occupied by the Austrian army stationing in Jarosław and the whole area was named St Anna Kaserne, i.e. the barracks of St Anne.
Two infantry companies and headquarters of 90th battalion of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s Infantry Regiment were located there as well as later 10th Horse Artillery Division, from the 70s of 19th century. The church served as a storage and the monastery buildings were used for organising the Military Uniform Committee. There were new buildings established, such as stables for horses and a storeroom for halters, military deposits (alongside the walls), grain storage (to the right from the gate tower), one-storey watchtower for officers, fourgon barn (to the left alongside the walls). The third wing of the monastery which nowadays does not exist served probably as a dining area for soldiers. On the eastern side, in front of the church apse, there was a riding school and a garden for officers.

As a result of the World War I battles that took place in May of 1915, the monastery building, towers and roof of the church and fortifications were destroyed. After the end of the war, the abbey area was repossessed by the Polish Army. The church was supposed to serve as a garrison church, and the monastery was intended to become an administrative office of the military parish as well as an apartment for the priest. During World War II, Germans turned the monastery into a stable, storages and a prison and thus the abbey area became a place of Polish people’s torment.

In 1991, the Benedictine nuns returned to the abbey. Three years later, the God’s Servant Anne Jenke’s Center of Christian Culture and Formation was created.


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