The Krakow Gate and town walls

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Former Jarosław was surrounded by town walls and three gates: Lviv, Sandomierz and Krakow. The initiator of creation of the defensive walls around the town was Spytek I of Jarosław. The Krakow Gate was built in the first half of the 16th century. The gate was the most impressive and representative, it had three floors and it was topped with a Renaissance attic. The gate was demolished by Austria in the 18th century. During the demolition works of two tenements near the gate (the walls of the tenements cracked), a two-level cellar of the Krakow Gate was discovered, where in accordance to some stories, townspeople served sentences. In the discovered dungeons drawings on bricks, resembling scratched off coats of arms or family symbols of the townspeople and a significant amount of ceramics were found. Today you can admire the reconstructed segment of the Krakow Gate and relics of the town walls, the remains of the moat and the dyke.

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