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The Jarosław cemetery, commonly called the "Old" was founded in 1784, making it one of the oldest country cemeteries in Europe (except Jewish cemeteries). This necropolis has an earlier date of foundation than Lychakiv Cemetery in Lviv, Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw, Rasos Cemetery in Vilnius or Rakowicki Cemetery in Krakow.

The Old Cemetery was founded on the basis of the Decree issued in 1784 by Emperor Joseph II, prohibiting burial of the dead within the village. According to this Decree the cemetery was located outside the town walls, on former Krakowskie Przedmieście. No graves have been preserved from the period of the founding of the cemetery. The oldest preserved tombstones at the Old Cemetery are from the first half of the 19th century.

The cemetery chapel of which solemn consecration was held in 1832, was sponsored by Franciszka Gneiser, the widow of Fryderyk, Lieutenant at k. u. k. Economic Commission in Jarosław. This neoclassical building, surmounted by a semi-circular peak with a portico supported by four columns, has served the residents of the town to this day.

Like most old cemeteries, also the Jarosław necropolis is covered with different species of trees, most of which are about 100-year-old.

The Jarosław cemetery is a kind of museum. Here you can see almost all styles and genres of tombstone art which developed over 200 years. This necropolis largely reflects the Lviv tombstone art, however, when assessing the artistic level of the tombstones, noticeable is also a strong influence of Krakow.

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