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The former Greek Catholic cemetery – Czesława Puzon pseudonym ‘Baśka’ Park

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At Kraszewskiego Street Czesława Puzon pseudonym ‘Baśka’ town park is located. ‘Baśka’ was an inhabitant of Jarosław, girl scout who during World War II was shot in Kidałowice forest near Jarosław for her underground activity. A brick presbytery after the former Church of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin Mary has remained within the park. Next to the church there was a parish cemetery, where since ancient times people had been buried. Such a situation occurred until mid-80s of the 19th century. The majority of tombstones were located in the immediate vicinity of the church. Those were usually multistep pedestals ending with crosses. Some tombstones were even from the 16th century
and contained interesting epitaphs. Part of the tombstones was fenced from the rest with a special wooden fence.

In 1915, German soldiers who died during the war struggles were buried in the former Russian parish cemetery. Their graves were marked with ceramic plates with names of the dead on them. In the middle, a cross stood on a huge pedestal, and the whole monument was completed with a fence of wooden poles. During the liquidation of the cemetery exhumations of the bodies of the German soldiers were carried out, and their remains were moved to the New Cemetery at Krakowska Street. The last burial on this cemetery was made probably in early September of 1939.

The abandoned cemetery over the years was under permanent devastation. In 1954, the authorities of that time decided to set up a park there. This decision caused a lot of controversy, due to the fact that the preserved gravestones were pushed down to a pit that was dug fir this purpose and then covered with soil.


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