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One of the most beautiful temples of Jarosław is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows. The cult of Mary in that place began with the event of 20 August 1381, when shepherds found a figure of Pietà on a pear tree. Near that place a spring flew out to the water of which a miraculous work was attributed.

Initially on the so-called ‘Piety Hill’ a wooden chapel was erected, however, it could not accommodate the growing number of crowding pilgrims, and in addition to that was destroyed during Tatar invasions. Therefore, in 1421, a large masonry church in the Gothic style, sponsored by Rafał Tarnowski was built. In 1629, Duchess Anna Ostrogska gave the temple to Jesuits, her daughter, whereas Anna Alojza Chodkiewicz in later years sponsored a monastery. The body of the temple was reconstructed in the years 1696-1713 in the late Baroque style. In 1755, a solemn coronation of the Jarosław Pietà with the papal crowns obtained from Pope Clement XII took place.

In 1773, the church and the Jesuit Collegiate was dissolved, and in 1777, the object was given into the care of the Dominicans who came from Bochnia and whose monastery burned down.

The great wealth of the temple are polychromes made by Rossi, Stroiński and Swacha. There is a beautiful Pietà in the altar which attracts crowds of pilgrims.
In the southern arm of the transept the Altar of Saints’ Relics was located that contains almost 200 different relics. What is also precious is the 21-voice organ made by the Rieger company in 1896.

The temple in 1966 obtained the dignity of basilica. On 15 September 2013 a ceremonial recoronation of the Pietà took place on the Jarosław Market Square.

Near the church there is a brick chapel, the so-called ‘Well’ from 1752, built on the site where a miraculous spring outflows.



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