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Ages ago, wells were a constant element in the landscape of Polish towns. They satisfied the hygienic and economic needs, were a drinking water intake for people and animals. Private wells were located on the premises of prosperous burghers, while for public use they were usually located on main town squares, near bathhouses, churches, at the intersection of important inner-city routes.

Wells were rare in former Jarosław due to the specific location of the midtown, i.e. on loess. One of Jarosław wells is close to the town hall in the northern part of the market square. It was built in the 17th century. It was discovered accidentally in 1965 (during rescue work in the Jarosław undergrounds), rebuilt in 1967. Its depth reportedly reaches 30 m, the well, however, has never been excavated until its end. It was then cleaned off to the level of about 12 m. As a result of cleaning the well interior, in its housing from the north side, an entrance to the underground workings was found. The entrance was 6.5 m long and was of varying cross-section. This pavement was cased with brick and situated at the depth of 0.5 m to 2.7 m.
The lower part of the well is original, the top is a reconstruction. A section of the well to a depth of 6 metres below the surface of the market was restored. Damaged bricks have been replaced by modern, similar to the original, and the whole well has been covered with a wooden stylised cover.

Once the well served as a tank supplying water to the inhabitants of the Market Square and surrounding streets, today it is a tourist attraction.

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