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The Underground Tourist Passage in Jarosław is situated under the tenement buildings at 4, 5 and 6 Rynek. Tickets can be purchased at the Tourist Information Point at the Centre for the Culture and Promotion in Jarosław (5 Rynek). The underground passage has a length of 186 m and its depth reaches 6 meters below the surface of the Market Square.

The Underground Tourist Passage was founded in the framework of the joint project with the partner city of Jarosław – Uzhhorod, Ukraine. On the Polish side, the project involved the renovation, maintenance and adaptation of the historic wine cellars at the Jarosław Market Square, whereas on the Ukrainian side the execution of renovation and maintenance works of Ambar Castle in Uzhhorod and recreation of its wine cellars were scheduled.

While wandering the Underground Tourist Passage, you can visit 11 display rooms presenting exhibitions on: ceramics, bourgeois kitchen with cooking facilities from the 16th and 17th centuries, hunting, Jarosław fairs, paleontology, archaeology of the San, history of saving the Old Town in Jarosław and showing the mock-up of old Jarosław.

Exploring the Underground Passage is sweetened up by light and sound effects, and the exhibitions are enriched by colourful graphics. On the route innovative multimedia solutions were utilised which are the attraction, especially for children and young people. With these solutions, you can, among other things: burn clay earthenware, sail with a punt down the San and the Vistula, or dress up in a 17th-century outfit.

The Underground Tourist Passage is a large tourist attraction, increasing the interest in Jarosław.

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