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The Church of the Holy Spirit, foundation of Spytek III called Jarosław, was built on the site of a former wooden chapel which operated at a home for the poor and orphans. The Church was built in 1495 and originally was a wooden single-nave, connected to the hospital building. This temple survived until 1689 when on its site a brick church was built, existing to this day. The Church was consecrated on 7 August 1690, giving it an invocation of the Holy Spirit, St Michael’s the Archangel (the patron saint of the town) and St Blaise’s. The altar contained a painting painted on canvas of Our Lady with the Child considered miraculous, existing to this day.

This baroque Temple had a defensive nature. This is indicated by thick walls, small narrow windows and embrasures which are located under the eave. The Church of the Holy Spirit was an element of the defence system of the town. It functioned as a shield for the Krakow Gate.
Near the church there was a hospital building and a garden, orchard, barns and stables. A cemetery was also functioning in the vicinity. Most likely it served for the burial of persons deceased in the local hospital.

From the time of the Austrian partition until 1944, the church was a protestant temple.
Currently in the temple, in a recess of the altar there is a picture painted on wood, showing the Crucified Christ, dating back to the 17th-18th century. The polychrome adorning the temple was made by an artist painter, Wiesław Wodnicki from Przemyśl. In the Church of the Holy Spirit, on the left side of the entrance to the presbytery a 17th-century image of Mother of God in the Hodegetria type, called the Merciful is placed.

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