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The Municipal Barracks

Military objects - Military barracks

In the Municipal Barracks at Jana Pawła II Street, there was 58th Austro-Hungarian Infantry Regiment. The main building (at 26 Jana Pawła Street) was built in eighteen eighty-three on the initiative of the Municipality. Over time, additional storey was added to the building under supervision of Eng. Stanisław Rutkowski, an urban builder from Jarosław who was appointed a permanent municipal engineer throughout the years. Apart from the main building there were warehouses, a woodworks and a well.

Before the Second World War, in the main building there was a teacher's seminar, a female school of Saint Kinga and a men's school named after Father Stanisław Konarski. Nowadays, the building houses the Public Junior High School No. 2 named after Father Stanisław Konarski.

Near the main municipal barracks building, there is a building of a former military hospital built in the 1930s (at 30 Jana Pawła II Street). In the upper elevation there was in the past the inscription “Ferdinand I, Austrian Emperor 1844”, commemorating the Austrian Emperor in power between 1835-1848. The building, in a typical interwar barracks style, housed the Polish Military Reserve Hospital (the hospital could accommodate up to 190 patients).

After World War II, the building housed the National Children's Home, and since nineteen seventy-eight, there has been the Special School and Educational Centre.

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