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Military objects - Military barracks

At the end of the nineteenth century, at the intersection of contemporary Brzostków and Konarskiego Streets (towards the direction of Pawłosiowska Street from Krakowskie Przedmieście) barracks for the cavalry were located. This place is also worth visiting due to the proximity of a very important monument. It is the Church of Our Lady of Sorrow, called by the inhabitants the Church “At Lady Mary’s”. The church is one of the three Marian shrines in Jarosław. In the main altar there is a famous statue of Our Lady of Sorrows. Until 1773 the temple belonged to Jesuits who left the place as a result of the dissolution of the Order. The Dominicans, who care of the place to this day, have arrived in their place.

The terrains of the cavalry barracks mentioned here were located in the place of a post-Jesuit manor farm. At the end of the 19th century, the land was owned by Leopold Goldfinger, a well-known and very wealthy building entrepreneur, hence the name “Goldfinger's Barracks”. It is worth mentioning that he also owned many parcels and buildings located in Krakowskie Przedmieście. Also, the current District Starosty building at 17 Jana Pawła Street was built in the years 1896-1900 by Leopold Goldfinger for the purpose of accommodating military officers. At the back of the building there were stables for horses, a coach house and a saddle house.

Nowadays, only a part of the manor and barracks has remained. They perform various functions, including such of flats, service premises and warehouses.


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