The Carpathian Wine Route

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The Carpathian Wine Route is an initiative that combines the most beautiful vineyards in which the best wines in the Podkarpackie region are being made, including Jarosław!

It is here where in the year 2002 – in the very centre of the Old Town – at the foot of the majestic Monastery of Benedictine Sisters and out of passion for viticulture, tradition and history of the town, the Stecki Family Vineyard was established. Constantly expanded and embellished, the vineyard became with time one of the town’s most interesting attractions. Lovers of the Podkarpackie wines and those who are interested in tasting this local beverage are all welcome here.

It is here in Jarosław – a town famous for fairs, where leathers, fabrics, cattle and other goods from all over the world were traded – that Hungarian wine occupied an important position. To this day at 2 and 6 Grodzka Street on the Town Square original cellars have remained in which Hungarian wine used to be stored. This is where they took the final form and bouquet, and once they matured they were sold and transported by the San River further up to the north via Gdańsk to Scandinavia.

The proper vineyard was established in 2003 in Węgierka – a village founded in the 14th century and located picturesquely at the Dynowskie Foothills, 14 km from Jarosław and 4 km from Pruchnik. According to legend, the name “Węgierka” derives from the beautiful wife of Pruchnicki, brought here from one of the military expeditions. Another story speaks about naming the village after the place where Hungarian mercenaries of Stanisław Stadnicki, the famous Devil from Łańcut, were settled, who were setting up vineyards on this perfect calcareous clay soil with a large amount of limestone. On a clear day, it is possible to see Tarnica and the summits of Bieszczady Mountains from a mountain range, charmingly called Bukowy Garb (Beech Hump).

In 1977, a prehistoric kurgan with corded ware pottery from around 2900 BC was discovered near the vineyard. In the near vicinity of this place are remains of a tower, granary and a park – all these objects were part of the 15th-century castle, which was a bastion fortress. The castle walls, almost 2 meter thick, were made from natural stone mined from the now closed quarry, and from bricks. To this day one can observe the deep, deteriorating moats, the granary and the tower. Legend has it that in the dungeons located under the nearby slope one can meet a mysterious figure, calling in an unintelligible language. It seems to be Stanisław “The Devil” Stadnicki himself, condemned to eternal wandering for the atrocities that made him (in)famous during his lifetime.

You are welcome to visit our region and vinery.


Stecki Family Vineyard

Pełkińska Street 12/2

37-500 Jarosław

tel. 695 775 124


Tours and wine tasting after prior reservation.


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