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The Night of Market Square Touring

This is an annual event which is held in the framework of the worldwide event - the Long Night of Museums (usually about 20 May). At that time, all museums, galleries and other cultural institutions are open to the public free of charge late into the night.

Autor: Damian Bereza
Autor: Damian Bereza

In 2017 already 10th edition of ‘The Night of Market Square Touring’ took place. The event is overseen by the Mayor of Jarosław. The event is organised jointly by the Association ‘Early Music in Jarosław’, the Centre for Culture and Promotion in Jarosław and the Jarosław Association of Tourist Guides and Managers.

The program is as always filled to capacity so that every person beginning from the youngest participants finds something of their interest. You can, for example tour the town in a carriage, play jacks, see puppet shows, theatre spectacles, or take part in an urban-rural dancing party.
That evening there is also a unique opportunity to enter the town hall tower which offers a panoramic view of the town and surroundings, or to see the interiors of historic bourgeois tenement buildings. Also, only during this event our guides will be representatives of the town authorities who share with us, i.a., the premises of the cabinet of the Mayor or the Conference Room. The Underground Tourist Passages, the Gallery ‘World of Kresy’ are opened. After the sightseeing we can go the courtyard of the Orsettis’ tenement and listen to interesting concerts.

Every year the event is participated by guides from Jarosław showing different thematic and historical trails and presenting the town in a very interesting evening aura. During ‘The Night of Market Square Touring’ the Jarosław Old Town comes alive with music, dance and good time. It is therefore no surprise that the event has permanently integrated with the calendar of cultural events of the town.

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