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The Jarosław Garrison

Transformation of Jarosław into increasingly larger military centre began due to the political situation in Europe after 1871, growing possibility of the Austro-Russian military conflict and its location. In the 80s and 90s of the 19th century the construction of large barrack complexes began.

Autor: Kacper Montusiewicz
Autor: Kacper Montusiewicz

The outsirts of Jarosław were encircled with earthworks - on the San, on the outskirts of upper Leżajsk, in Olszanówka district, and also on the so called ‘wądoły’ [in English ‘gullies’] and near Munina village. As a result, Jarosław became a fortified bridgehead of the Przemyśl Fortress.

In 1910, garrison’s military crew amounted to over 4,000 soldiers of different nationalities. The presence of a large military crew had a positive influence on the town’s economics and society and has enriched its appearance with new architectural objects. Military buildings took up 16% of the area of Jarosław. Works on the construction of barracks and military facilities encouraged economic development in the areas such as trade, services, banking, railway engineering. Thanks to the fact that the garrison was constantly expanding, residents of Jarosław could find employment in public services, freelance jobs and in the military. All of these factors affected positively the dynamics of the economic development and turned Jarosław into a rich Galician town.

During the interwar period, barracks were repossessed by the Polish army, and Jarosław became the headquarters of, among other things, 24th Infantry Division. The presence of a large military crew created a unique atmosphere in the town and caused the garrison to become a signature of Jarosław.

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