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Jarosław - the multicultural town

Jarosław is a typical borderland multicultural town. Since ancient times, the east mixed with the west there.

Autor: arch. CKiP
Autor: arch. CKiP

While famous Jarosław fairs merchants not only from Europe but also from the East came to the town. The remainder of those colorful days are the names of Jarosław tenement buildings: the Orsettis’ and the Attavantis’, a street name - Ormiańska.

To this day, the multiplicity of temples of different religions and rites fascinates visitors. Next to Roman Catholic churches, we can admire the monumental Greek Catholic Concathedral Church of Transfiguration of Our Lord in which the miraculous icon ‘The Gate of Mercy’ is located. The reminder of the followers of the Eastern rite is also the presbytery of the former Greek Catholic Church of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin Mary, located in the Park of Czesława ‘Baśka’ Puzon.

The Chassidic Route leads through Jarosław thanks to which numerous facilities left by the Jewish community of Jarosław can be discovered. The city has two synagogues, post-Jewish buildings, such as the building of Yad Charuzim Jewish Association, and a Jewish cemetery located on the outskirts of the town. The end of the Jewish community in the town was caused by mass extermination during World War II.

Over a period of time, Jarosław also had a Protestant church which at the time of the Austrians was the church of the Holy Spirit, changed into the Protestant church.

In the town, you can find traces of the presence of Hungarians and their culture. One of the streets is called Węgierska (in English ‘Hungarian’), and within the Abbey of the Benedictine Sisters, where after fall of the anti-Habsburg uprising Duke Francis Rákóczi stayed, the Hungarian bastion is located. There are also two kopjafas (headstones) and the monument of Polish-Hungarian friendship.

The event which greatly shows the multicultural nature of Jarosław is International Festival of Borderland Culture, held in September. For a week the inhabitants of Jarosław and the region participate in the events of art showing different cultural and religious circles. Meet-the-author sessions, concerts, multimedia presentations, photo exhibitions and films bring the beauty of borderland to the participants.


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