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The Museum in Jarosław was officially opened in the year 1925. The Museum was established in the 550th anniversary of the town location, its first director became Jan Harlender. It was first housed in the Town Hall and then, from 1938 to 1945, in the Attavantis’ tenement building

From the year 1945 the Museum in Jarosław is seated in the Old Tenement Building of the Orsettis, one of the most beautiful late Renaissance residential buildings in Poland. Museum expositions were adjusted to the original character of the building (the living space was on the floor, while commercial and representative functions focused on the ground floor).
In the premises called the lower hallway, a historical exhibition was placed. Whereas upstairs, living rooms were arranged. In the lower hallway and in the store, among other things, portraits of town owners are exhibited, besides, local crafts products, swords and executioner fetters, paintings and sculptures depicting the patron saints of the town, portraits of Jarosław townspeople, views of the town, militaria and museum collections related to education.

The most representative interior in the tenement was and is the Great Chamber. Its importance is highlighted by the beautiful equipment: Italian Renaissance furniture, Gdańsk cabinets, monumental Gothic sculpture depicting the Madonna with Child, 17th-century Italian and Flemish paintings and products of artistic crafts placed in wall storage places. Stylised bourgeois interiors are presented upstairs: an eclectic lounge, dining room, Biedermeier lounge, ‘striped’ room or a lady bedroom.

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