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Marysieńka’s Old Tenement Building

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In the year 1665, Great Crown Hetman John III Sobieski married the widow of Jan Zamoyski – Maria Kazimiera, becoming at the same time the co-owner of part of Jarosław which his wife inherited from Zamoyski. In this way, Marysieńka entered into possession of a tenement from the end of the 16th century, located in the Jarosław Market Square. The building currently has a classicist elevation, unprecedented in case of other buildings.

Nowadays, in Marysieńka’s Old Tenement Building there is a seat of well ministered to the town Association of Jarosław Enthusiasts. 

Queen Marysieńka being in Jarosław in July 1673 did not stay in the discussed building, but at the request of her husband (John III Sobieski), who wrote:
‘My dear Madam, if you would be so kind and hasten to be in Jarosław early. For in the lady (Benedictine) monastery I wish to stay, as this place is safer and happier and second to none.’ (John Sobieski, Listy do Marysieńki, vol. 2, ed. Leszek Kukulski, Warsaw 1973).

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