The Military Casino

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The building of the former military casino dates from the 19th century. It is located on Grunwaldzka Street, which is a busy town artery. Today, the building houses commercial rooms.

The casino building was built for the needs of the garrison stationed in Jarosław. It was also used by civilians. The cultural and social life of the town flourished in this place. The Church of the Holy Spirit, located nearby the casino, is an interesting building. It was included in the defence system of the town by King John III Sobieski, in order to protect the Krakow Gate. Its defensive character is shown by the embrasures placed under the eaves of the building.

In the 20th century a promenade called the Jarosław corso ran along Grunwaldzka Street, where many restaurants, cafés and shops operated. The promenade was rebuilt into a street in the 1970s.

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