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The society was founded in 1871 at the intersection of Lubelska Street and Spytka Street. A two-class school was built in this square in 1896, in place of the old Beth Ha–Midrash of the foundation of Baron Maurice Hirsch, a Bavarian court banker. The foundation was intended to support people's education in the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. The school’s goal in principle was to promote education of the primary and vocational levels. The school was intended for young people aged 3 to 13 from the poorest families. They were taught appropriate prayer book reading and studying law at the elementary level.

On the same real estate belonging to ‘Talmud Torah’ in 1906, the construction of a new ritual bathhouse from the side of 11 Spytko Street was commenced because of poor condition of the old one, and additionally its localisation in an inconvenient spot. When in 1920, in the town a typhoid epidemic broke out, at the request of the starost the Jewish Community made the bathhouse available for all the town residents.

During the occupation the bathhouse was used by prisoners escorted by Germans. After the end of World War II it became a town bathhouse providing services a few days a week and all day on Saturday. The bathhouse contained baths and swimming pools with a capacity of 300 – 500 l, showers, sauna and steam baths for ritual bathing. Water to the bathhouse was supplied from a well next to the Small Synagogue. Income from the bathhouse was intended for keeping 30 patients in the Jewish hospital. Currently, a printing works is located in the former bathhouse.

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