Military barracks

Pfeffer’s Barracks

Military objects - Military barracks

Pfeffer's barracks were designed for the cavalry and were located at Na Blichu Street.

In eighteen seventy-nine, Abraham Pfeffer, a well-known entrepreneur and Jarosław councillor, leased a number of buildings to the Military Treasury. In this place, in eighteen eighty-one, new brick one-storey and buildings with more storeys were built, intended mainly for flats for officers and soldiers but also for utility rooms necessary in the cavalry's headquarters – that is for a coach house, stable and smithy. About nineteen hundred, 8th Squadron of Huzars Regiment was stationed in the barracks, i.e. light-armed cavalrymen.

The buildings lost their function as a barracks of military headquarters quite early – seven years before the beginning of the World War. In nineteen hundred and seven they were abandoned by the last soldiers and the roomy buildings were put up for sale. Since the 1950s, the buildings belonged to the “SAN” Confectionery Factory, known for its production of cakes of Jarosław production brand. Currently, since twenty hundred and three, the buildings have been privately owned by the “SAN” Confectionery Factory – Pajda (which continues the tradition of the former state-owned factory), known for its production of Poland's famous (and not only) biscuits.

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