Military barracks

The Cavalry Barracks, Poniatowskiego St.

Military objects - Military barracks

The barracks were built in the years 1908–1910 on land owned by Count Stanisław Siemiński. They were located in the vicinity of Emperor Franz Joseph I barracks. A private investor, Antoni Fleischl from Vienna, became the chief engineer. The whole setting consisted of four monumental buildings from the side of Poniatowskiego Street: officers’ house (the most representative), non-commissioned officers’ house, soldiers’ house and facility called the ‘side building’ (currently 43-39, Poniatowskiego Street).

In the back of the soldiers’ house there was an emergency square and storage, workshop facilities and a laundry room. The officers’ house served as a casino. A riding school and stables were built behind it.

In the barracks there was 8th Bohemian Dragoons (Count Montecuccoli's) which previously stationed at Calvary Barracks at Piekarska Street. During the interwar period the barracks were a place of accommodation for soldiers from 24th Infantry Division, and then for 24th Light Artillery Regiment of King John III Sobieski.

After World War II, the setting of barracks changed. The largest, i.e. the main building, due to significant degree of destruction, was demolished. The building of the riding school was turned into a storage and offices, and the building of the casino, after modernisation, became the Branch Office of Bank Spółdzielczy. The buildings at Poniatowskiego Street (43 and 47) were transferred into apartments and in the place of the emergency square was developed into Wojska Polskiego estate in the 70’s an 80’s of the 20th century.



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