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Wojciechowski’s Tenement Building

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The old tenement building situated at the corner of Grunwaldzka Street and Lubelska Street is one of the examples of the bourgeois architecture of Jarosław. The tenement was built in 1890, and in 1910 it was bought by a known pharmacist born in Rożanów (currently Ukraine lands, former Śniatyń district), Feliks Wojciechowski. The building was expanded in 1911. The expansion design was prepared by an architect Teodor Mielczuk. The decor of Wojciechowski’s pharmacy was rich and valuable in terms of art. The furnishings included, i.a., marbles, wooden sculptures and mirrors.

Feliks Wojciechowski was a very meritorious person for Jarosław. He held many important functions, i.a., was a town councillor, known social activist, the President of the Association of Polish Merchants and Bourgeois Advance Cash. This was an extremely interesting persona, known for his great patriotism, and who willingly helped others. In 1937 he was elected a vice-mayor and then his goal was to bring about the construction of a water and sewage system of the city. However, he was the most remembered from running the pharmacy at 2 Grunwaldzka Street - ‘Under God's Providence’. The pharmacy he ran was commonly called the ‘Wojciechowski’s pharmacy’.

Feliks Wojciechowski was acclaimed one of the most prominent representatives of the personal care products and pharmaceutical industry in the territory of East Lesser Poland.

He worked in the profession for 60 years. He died on 28 October 1947 in Jarosław, at the age of 77. The pharmaceutical tradition was continued by his sons, and the pharmacy after the father was taken over by the youngest son, Stanisław.

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