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On St Nicholaus Hill the first parish church in Jarosław existed. The period of temple construction is unknown, but according to archival records it existed as early as in 1431. It was a single-aisle building with an icon of St Nicholaus in the altar. In the year 1611 the owner of the town, Duchess Anna Ostrogska, on the hill near the church settled the Benedictine Sisters brought from Chełmno in Pomerania. It was the first female monastery in the Diocese of Przemyśl. A brick church was built in the years 1615-1624. It was St Nicholaus and Bishop Stanislaus church. 

The state of the object after the war was tragic. The burnt church was destroyed in 80%. Towers and the monastery were roofless, walls were collapsing, fortified towers were devastated. 

Currently, St Stanislaus and Nicholaus Church almost entirely lacks polychrome. It was possible to restore the stucco damaged by the fire on the basis of preserved fragments. Equipment of the church comes from Przemyśl, from a post-Jesuit church which was donated by John Paul II to Greek Catholics acting as a cathedral. The Benedictine Sisters returned to St Nicholaus Hill in 1991 – half of the abbey was taken by the Diocese of Przemyśl, whereas the second half by the Benedictine Sisters.

There is a sensational information related with St Nicholaus Church, later St Nicholaus and Stanislaus Monastical Church, concerning the alleged finding in the basements of St Nicholaus Church the tomb of Jan Karol Chodkiewicz. It is said that the coffins of the hetman and of his wife, Anna Alojza Chodkiewicz (a daughter of Anna Ostrogska), were later moved to the new Church of the Benedictine Sisters and put under the Chapel of St Cross. A mention of the existence of the tomb of the hetman in the abbey was found in the acts from a visitation of the monastery carried out in 1757. Archival materials and information gathered from different people have not dispelled the doubts associated with this case, thus the burial place of the hetman couple is still the subject of dispute and it is shrouded in mystery.

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