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The Greek Catholic Church of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin Mary

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The Greek Catholic Church of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin Mary located at former Cicha Street (today within Czesława Puzon Pseudonym ‘Baśka’ town park) existed as early as in 1520.

Until the 1760s it was a parish church to which Ruthenians living in Przedmieście Ruskie were subjected.

In the immediate vicinity of the church the building of a parsonage and school as well as a hospital for the poor, farm buildings and a garden that stretched all the way to the town walls at the Krakow Gate were located.

Formerly the church had rich furnishings, i.a., a valuable iconostasis with gold-plated and silver-plated icons and sacred vessels made in Gdansk. It is there where the miraculous icon ‘The Gate of Mercy’ from 1620 was located. It was moved only in 1747 to the newly built Church of Transfiguration of Our Lord.

To these days only the presbytery from the tripartite church has remained. Its interior is covered with a polychrome made probably in the 18th century which was restored before World War II by Karl Hasek, a priest and painter from the Jarosław parish. The main scenes on the polychrome refer to the seven sacraments.

Currently, the polychrome is in very poor condition, and the church lacks equipment. This state of affairs was hugely influenced by changing the church into a powder magazine by Austrians in 1789. Then the nave and vestibule were partly damaged. In 1791 the church was repurchased by Ruthenians. They redecorated the preserved presbytery and constructed a liturgical chapel, downsizing the temple area. In 1956 it was decided to demolish the devastated building. Only thanks to social protests, and especially Jarosław artistic environments demolition did not take place. Now the presbytery of the church is restored and fenced.

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