The Market Shed

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At Grodzka Street, opposite the place where once was the Collegiate Church of All Saints the parsonage was situated. Today, there is a Market Hall built in the first quarter of the 20th century on those lands. After the construction of this building, market was moved there, which had hitherto existed on the square which was left after the Jarosław Collegiate Church. This Hall was designed on the model of the one in Wrocław, in the style of Polish Renaissance Revival; attic themes are incorporated into the building façades. The exterior wall finish facing the market square has a coat of arms of Jarosław. The Market Hall (formerly called: the shed) was one of the first merchant marketplaces on Polish lands.

Under almost whole market hall there are cellars, extensive corridors leading to smaller rooms. During the occupation, Germans stored there various goods which they exported when leaving the city.

Inside the market hall, on the northern wall, there is a clock (out of operation nowadays). The clock was placed there most probably in 1924 when the hall was put into service, i.e. during the reign of mayor Adolf Dietzius. The clock bears the mark of a watchmaking company with the G.B. initials. This indicates that this is a clock from the company founded by Gustav Becker, a producer of some of the best clocks in the world.

The market hall in Jarosław is now a place of retail trade. Traders from Jarosław and the surrounding area have their stands there, the place is very largely and eagerly visited by buyers.

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