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The synagogue at Bóżnic Square called the Large Synagogue was built between 1807 -1811 probably in the place of a former one from the second half of the 17th century. The synagogue is situated in the back of the north – western corner of the near Market Square block. Architecturally, it can be compared to the style of barracks with a mansard roof covering the top floor room. A complete renovation was carried out at the time of the President of the Jewish Community, Henryk Strisower in 1905. Before World War II a new roof was installed, and the building was enlarged by raising the walls of the synagogue over the narthex and building a floor from this side at Opolska Street. The main room is covered by a cross nine-part vault (the so-called Piast vault). In the absence of the roof the interior decor of the room, including polychrome did not preserve. Currently in the synagogue there are classrooms of Stanisław Wyspiański Art School Complex.

The prayer hall serves as an exhibition hall. On the south wall of the Large Synagogue the first plaque commemorating the tragedy of the Jews from Jarosław and the surrounding area during the occupation was unveiled on September 10, 2012. Nearby, the Small Synagogue built in the late 19th century from private contributions of the Jarosław Jews preserved. It was a place in which weddings, Sabbath and other ceremonies were held. Until 1995 the Small Synagogue housed the Works of Art Conservation Workshops. Currently not in use.

Before World War I, the construction of the largest synagogue in Jarosław at Franciszkańska Street was commenced, only foundations were completed at the approach of World War I.

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