About Jarosław

The environs of Jarosław

Jarosław is a town picturesquely located in the borderland of two geographic regions: the Rzeszów Foothill and the Lower San Valley.

Autor: Tomasz Turoń
Autor: Tomasz Turoń

The environs of Jarosław are interesting in terms of culture, history and nature. Crossing them you can admire the multiculturalism of those lands, get to know, i.a., wooden architecture gems and stunning examples of palace and court construction.

The Jarosław land is crossed by the World War I Eastern Front, dedicated to the war struggle of 1914-1915. It presents especially war cemeteries and barrack buildings.

Another worth knowing trail is the Wooden Architecture Route showing the beauty of monumental churches or small-town development. An example of the objects located on the trail are: historic church in Chłopice and arcaded houses in nearby Pruchnik.

A yellow route from Jarosław to Radawa – a popular resort, shows the beauty of the surrounding nature and places important in terms of history and culture.

When in the town or its surroundings, you should definitely visit the church in Chotyniec, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A wooden church from the beginning of the 17th century, having a beautiful polychrome and a valuable iconostasis, situated among the old growth of trees, enchants visitors.

It is also worth a while going to Zarzecze, where the Museum of the Dzieduszickis is located which is the Branch of the Museum in Jarosław. The Museum presents exhibitions dedicated to the history of the mentioned family and beautiful interiors, reflecting the atmosphere of the past. It is housed in a romantic palace surrounded by a picturesque park.

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