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Autor: Ling Visuals

Jarosław is a city picturesquely located on the high edge of the left San River terrace. It is the capital city of a large powiat (administrative district), stretching to both sides of this river. The Jarosław powiat is bordered by the following powiats: Zamość, Lubaczów, Przeworsk, and Przemyśl. The eastern seven-kilometre extreme end of the powiat borders with Ukraine.
This charming city is located in the borderland of two geographic regions, i.e. Rzeszów Foothills, often called in this part the Jarosław Foothills, and the Lower San Valley. Hills surrounding Jarosław reach the height of 210-240 m a.s.l. The difference in terrain of more than 30 m above the level of the San River bed can be seen best when standing in a viewpoint within the Little Market Square (Mały Rynek) from which you can enjoy the panorama of the Sandomierz Basin.

As a result of multiple movements of the San River, the oxbow remains (called 'Sanowiska’) have preserved, which is clearly visible in the surroundings of Jarosław. Currently, multiple sections of the San flow through the river bed dug out at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries during the river regulation. Three streams fall into the San within the city, i.e. Stawki, Miłka, and Głęboka.

Around the city, there are characteristic of loess areas deep gorges, so-called ravines. Between the numerous hills and gorges, there are streams and small rivers enriching and diversifying the landscape.

In terms of the area, the city covers an area of 35 km2. There are about 38,000 permanent residents, with a downward trend.

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