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Jad Charuzim

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The name Jad Charuzim determines the Jewish Craftsmen Benefit Association which was located in one of the most representative buildings in the town, that is in the building of present Hetman Jan Tarnowski Street. The building is in the classical style and was built in the years nineteen-o-seven to nineteen twelve, and was funded by contributions from the association members. Inside it contained a prayer hall, auditorium and theatre hall with facilities, also, three-year kindergarten and the Jewish Credit Union functioned there. The building held Hebrew courses organised by ‘Tarbud’ Jewish Cultural and Educational Association and the activities of the Gymnastic and Sporting Association of ‘Dror’ youth organization. Besides, the society conducted self-help and self-education of its members.

During the war, in nineteen forty-four, there was a hospital of the Red Army in the building, and since the year nineteen forty-eight the Community Centre functioned there. From the year nineteen fifty Lidia Nartowska District Ballet Focus operated there, and since nineteen seventy - the District and Municipal Public Library. In the year twenty-o-six, the building was recovered by the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Warsaw. Currently, the administrator of the building is the District Office in Jarosław.

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