The Polish culture trail

3.3 km 3:00 hh

Hiking the Polish culture trail, you can familiarise yourself with the objects relevant for the town in social, cultural or commercial terms. In addition, with institutions which over the years played an important role in the life of the town, temples focusing religious life of residents, or residential buildings owned by prominent Jarosław figures.

A walk through the Polish culture trail should start from the Market Square, the old trading square where trade focused in the past. There is also the seat of the town authorities on the Jarosław Market Square which is the Town Hall.

Wandering the discussed route, you may get familiar with the history and architecture of the most valuable Jarosław tenement buildings owned by: the Attavantis, the Orsettis, Marysieńka or Rydzikowa Tenement Building. Visiting these beautiful buildings, you can admire exhibitions of the Museum in Jarosław, visit the Centre for the Culture and Promotion in Jarosław, walk through underground passages, and get to know the so-called Jarosław style of old tenement building, not seen in Poland outside the town.

The course of the trail allows also for getting to know the history of the most important and oldest temples: the former Collegiate Church of All Saints, the Collegiate Church of Corpus Christi, the Abbey of the Benedictine nuns and the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows.

On the route of the trail, there are also: the tenement of Feliks Wojciechowski, a pharmacist, councillor and deputy mayor of Jarosław, and also the building of ‘Sokół’ Gymnastics Association, which was an organisation promoting sports, gymnastics, healthy lifestyle and preserving patriotic tradition.

Wandering through this route be sure to visit the Old Cemetery in Jarosław, a necropolis older than Lychakiv Cemetery, Powązki Cemetery, Rasos Cemetery or Rakowicki Cemetery.


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