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Trivia about Jarosław - part 1

Autor: Joanna Gorlach
Autor: Joanna Gorlach

1. Nearby the Jarosław town hall a mysterious discovery was made in 1967. During the works related to the reconstruction of the pavement of the Market Square, on the north-eastern side of the town hall, at a depth of about 1.5 meters the old road surface with ‘oak planks’ was discovered under which ‘at the bottom of a circular shape’ there was a ‘collection of human skulls’. Neither detailed archaeological research was conducted nor documentation prepared on the issue. According to the plan of the town from the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, this was a place of execution and of a pillory, which (taking into account the fact that there were no other remains than skulls) prompted the witnesses to reach a conclusion that remains of convicts were once thrown into the discovered pit. There were so many skulls that (according to the manager supervising the construction works) two trucks were loaded with them. The skulls were placed in a tomb built at the New Cemetery especially for this purpose. The place of location of the pit was marked with granite cubes in grey.

2. Jarosław basements, the so-called merchant warehouses represent a unique value. They are comparable to that from Sandomierz and Kłodzko. Multistorey cellars, hollowed in loess, are under the whole Jarosław Old Town.

3. At Grodzka Street in Jaroslaw there is the narrowest Jarosław tenement which is 2.5 m wide.

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