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Trivia about Jarosław - part 2

Autor: Joanna Gorlach
Autor: Joanna Gorlach

1. A character of an executioner is connected with Jarosław. Many executions were carried out in Jarosław which undoubtedly had a relationship with the fairs which attracted not only merchants, but different cutthroats to the town. Captured criminals for their guilt often ‘gave their throat’. Two executioner's swords are exhibited in the Jarosław Museum. 6. In the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, in Lviv a letter from 1766 is stored, informing about letting an executioner and containing a request of the Jarosław Town Council to return the executioner after enforcing the judgment. Only then the homecoming of one of the Lviv city residents who was a kind of pledge was possible.  

2. One of the Jarosław mysteries pertain to the burial place of Hetman Jan Karol Chodkiewicz and his wife Anna Alojza (daughter of Duchess Anna Ostrogska). The place of their burial was to be found by workers working in the Benedictine Abbey but at present it is not known where the found remains are.

3. Famous Jarosław fairs were considered one of the largest in Europe (according to the people of that time it was after Frankfurt am Main, the second most important commercial centre in South-Eastern Europe).

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