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Trivia about Jarosław - part 3

Autor: Joanna Gorlach
Autor: Joanna Gorlach

1. The Orsettis’ old tenement building has been perpetuated on one of thirty coins of 2-zloty denomination, commemorating towns and cities of particular importance in the history of Poland. Conditions for releasing a coin was to have at least 500-year tradition of self-governing, vital importance in the history of Poland and contribution to the development of culture. The ceremonial unveiling of the 2-zloty coin took place on January 26, 2006, in the Orsettis’ tenement involving then President of the national Bank of Poland – Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz.

2. The author of one of the most popular military songs called ‘Heart in a rucksack’ is Michał Zieliński, a resident of Jarosław. The song can be heard in the movie entitled ‘Zakazane piosenki’ (in English ‘Forbidden Songs’). 

3. The Jarosław youth arrested in May 1940 after the hearing was taken to Tarnów, and then became a part of the first transport to the concentration camp in Oświęcim.

4. In Jarosław a Hollywood film producer of Jewish origin, Samuel Spiegel, was born. He worked on such blockbuster movies as ‘The bridge on the River Kwai’ or ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, and his productions three times won the Academy Award for best film.

5. We can observe the so-called type of Jarosław old tenement building. Tenements of this type were customised to commercial needs and modelled on Orient-typical houses called funduq. They were characterised by the shed (a kind of internal courtyard), lit by windows or skylights derived above the roof of their vertical extension.

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